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DNA testing has become an accepted tool for identifying ancestors and for verifying genealogical leads.  It is also used frequently to learn about our deep ancestry.  While many companies offer such testing, the three major companies involved are; Ancestry DNA, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA.

The following is a list of individuals who have had their DNA tested by Ancestry DNA.  The information scientifically validates the connection between these descendants of Henry and Polly Epley Burkett and the connections between the children of Henry and Polly.


We will continue to monitor the information as it come available and additional individuals will be added when they can be identified.





Andrew Jackson Burkett Family


Jacob Lorenza Burkett Family #2 (Cont'd)

Boucher, Valery Rose [Spivey]

  Campbell, Robert James
    Huckaby, Kathy Edith [Nellis]

David Burkett Family

  Johnson, Shannon Marie [Thomason]
No information available  

Lyon, Aaron


Ly0n, Alicia Christine (Brain) [Murphy] 

George Washington Burkett Family

  Lyon, Braden
Burkett, Robin [Morgan]   Lyon, Michael Steven [Brain]
Henson, Tonina Mari [Hendrix]   McDade, Janie Michelle [Hawley]

Johnson, Eldon David


Nellis, Daniel Jeremiah

Northcutt, Sharon Ann [Long]


Nellis, Jenna Carolyn

Ramskill, Roberta Irene [Keller]  

Nellis, Laura Anne

Weathers, Susan M.  

Nellis, Meaganne Elissa


Nellis, Robert Carl, III

Henry Isaac Burkett Family

  Nellis, Robert Carl, IV

Taylor, Charles Burkett


Tissaw, Judith Elaine [Lyon] 2

Patterson, Karen Elaine [Lear]  

Tissaw, Marjorie Rachel [Sikes] 2

    Tissaw, Ted Lewis

Jacob Lorenza Burkett Family #1

Beck, David Chris  

James Burkett Family

Beeler, Kyle Dalton   No information available

Britt, Christine [McLaughlin]


Britt, Gregory Louis


John Burkett Family

Burke, Charles Allen, III   Hannah, Kenneth Laine
Burkett, Donna Marie [Rogers]  

Huggins, Lillian June [Onks]

Chambers, Daniel Lynn


Huggins, Ruth Ellen [Evans]

Coleman, Patsy June [Smart]   Wray, Elaine Susan [Cleghorn]

Currier, Michelle Rene [Atkinson]


Ellison, Patricia Faye [Currier]


Malinda Burkett Family

Hatfield, Katherine Anne [Fite]   Allen, Kathleen Ann [Rhoads]
Hernandez, Tiffany Renee [Kelly]   Axel, Dixie Jean [Cain]
Herndon, Christina Lynn [Coplen]  

Hockenbury, Shelby Lowne [Lewis]

Horton, Kade Scott


McIlvain, Jessie Rhea [Hopper]

Horton, Kristin [Kelly]  

McIlvain, Ralston

Huckaby, Eryn Michelle [Gunder]

  Morris, Paula Lynne [Gann]

Huckaby, Florene Mae [Bentley]

  Perryman, Margaret Lorraine [Turner]

Huckaby, William Arthur 

Rehberg, Cecelia Mason [McGurk]

Hunter, Billy Gene  

Shaleen, Jason Cory

Isaacs, Debra Joann [Klimenko]  

Shaleen, Steven Alexander

Johnson, Kimberly D. [Britton]  

Stewart, Sherry Lynn [Smith]

Kopp, Alan Wayne   Turner, Jimmie Marie (Hagadorn) Yerton

Langley, Jon Gabriel


McCall, Ronald Alvin


Martha Jane Burkett Family

Miner, Casey Matthew  

DeBeumont, Linda Elaine [Lupton]

Murray, Jerry Paul

  Harmon, Crystal Ann

Pacheco, Steven David


Lewis, April Claudette [Lewis]

Poindexter, Michael Kirby  

Lewis, Bennie Ray

Richards, Kathryn Jo [Mitchell]   Lewis, Kacey Dessi
Rogers, John Paul, Jr.   Parker, Tracy Lyn [Przecha]

Slayton, Jeffrey Scott

Parker, Wesley Leon
Smart, Patricia Darlene [Smith]  

Young, Opal Phylena [Parker]

Stone, Beverly Wayne [Viscarde]

Tracy, Robin Elizabeth [Bingham]  

Mary Caroline E. Burkett Family

White, Samuel Lewis

  Brown, Arika

Wilson, Brenda Doreen [Maguire]

  Brown, Summer
Yazzo, Karen Michelle [Roaten]    

Matilda Burkett Family

Jacob Lorenza Burkett Family #2

  Catron, Barbara Marie [Haywood]

Betts, Holly Lyn [Schwab]

  Catron, James Walter, Jr.

Betts, Sarah Ann [Gang]

  Catron, Lisa Adrien [Erbes]
Campbell, Nancy Dawn [Dysart]   Dobbins, Jodie Carlosf

Individuals are listed by birth surname.  Names in brackets [ ] are married surnames.

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