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Henry & Mary Epley Burkett and their children
(REBUILT 2 Jan 2016)
Malinda Burkett &
Joseph Samuel Perryman

(REBUILT 17 Jan 2017)
(UPDATED 3/27/18)
Matilda Burkett &
Berry Marcum

(REBUILT  24 Jan 2017)
(UPDATED 1/25/18)
Henry Isaac Burkett &
Nancy Evans

(REBUILT 29 Jan 2017)
(UPDATED 4/27/18)
John Burkett &
Paulina Markum

(REBUILT 3 Mar 2017)
(UPDATED) 3/22/18
Andrew Jackson Burkett &
Nancy Jane Derryberry

(REBUILT 21 Feb 2017)
(UPDATED 12/18/17)
Jacob Lorenza Burkett &
Lavina Burnett

(REBUILT 12 Mar 2017)
( UPDATED 4/07/18)
George Washington Burkett &
Lucinca Minerva Derryberry

(REBUILT 31 Mar 2017)
(UPDATED 4/10/18)
James Burkett &
Mary Ann Gilley

(REBUILT 27 Apr 2017)
(UPDATED 1/22/18
Jacob Lorenza Burkett &
Mary Matilda Reed

(REBUILT 12 Mar 2017)
(UPDATED 4/25/18)
Mary Caroline Elizabeth Burkett &
James Hall + William M. Brown

(REBUILT 29 Apr 17)
(UPDATED 4/20/18)
David Epley Burkett &
Frances D. Farrell + Mrs. Emma Phillips

(REBUILT  2 May 2017)
Martha Jane Burkett &
William Alexander Young

(REBUILT 3 May 2017)

UPDATED 4/29/18)

Remember, this information was not collected and produced by any one individual.  Many, many people have contributed time and energy gathering the information presented on these pages.  Each of us has contributed in some way or another.  The family trees presented in this website were built from several individual trees created by some descendants of a particular branch.  Information was also derived from books of one form or another that were created by various different people.  Much credit must be given to those, both living and past, who spent countless hours, days and years collecting and preparing the information that we are able to present in this website.  We encourage you to join us by contributing your information and/or comments.

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