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Bill Williams and wife Sarah

William Lyon "Bill" Williams, son of John Williams who founded Williams Ranch near Mullin, Texas and his 2nd wife Sarah Conner.



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Bill Williams family

1. Claude Malone (son of Julia # 6); 2. Berl Williams (son of Burl Avery "Ave" Williams # 10); 3. W. L. "Bill" Williams; 4. Sarah S. Conner Williams (Wife of Bill); 5. Jackie Williams (wife of George Williams, a brother of Bill.); 6. Julia Ann Williams Malone (dau. of Bill and 1st wife Bethenia Roberts); 7. Wade Malone (son of Julia # 6); 8. Roy Williams (son of Burl Avery); 9. Ben Williams (son of Bill and Sarah S.); 10. Burl Avery "Ave" Williams (son of Bill and Bethenia Roberts); 11. Thursey Wright Williams (2nd wife of Burl); 12. William Henry Williams (son of Bill/Sarah); 13. Mary "Ollie" Williams Cryer (dau of Bill and Bethenia Roberts; 14. Silas Marion Williams (son of Bill/Sarah); 15. Lou Williams (Son of Burl Avery # 10)

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