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The Henry Burkett Family of Tennessee - Photos



In 2002 Oliver Webb, our Family Historian, gathered together several hundred photos he had collected over the years and created a CD Album entitled "The Henry Burkett Family of Tennessee - Photos"  The format of this album was a program called FlipAlbum.  This allowed one to wander through the CD album almost as one would with an old fashioned paper based album.  Oliver has graciously allowed us to reproduce this file on our web site

What's included:

There are several hundred photos of Burkett Family descendants, related family members and others; nearly all of whom are now gone.  There are also many photos of places, towns, cemeteries and other items that relate to our Burkett Family history.

How to use the file:

The pages on this web site mimics the FlipAlbum created by Oliver and, for all practical purposes, can be used in much the same way as his original album.  The contents page is set up in the same way.  Each line is linked to the page indicated.  Simply click anywhere on an index line and you will be transferred to the page indicated.  Similarly, clicking on the page numbers at the bottom of each page will take you to the next page.

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