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Mark Burkett Wilson contributed this history of the Burkett - Pyeatt family.  It is a large document and is presented here in its entirety.  The document, as received, had no title.  The title, BURKETT - PYEATT HISTORY, has been added here solely to identify the document for this web site.  The document includes all of the information contained in the Family History presented in this web site under the title of  ANCESTORS, A HISTORY OF THE BURKETT FAMILY OF TENNESSEE AND TEXAS.  Because of the size of this document, it will be presented here in five (5) sections.  It has been split into these sections solely for the convenience of the reader.  Please have patience, these files are relatively large and will take some time to download.

Part One
Pages 1 - 26

Part Two
Pages 27 - 55

Part three
Pages 56 - 94

(Part four
 Pages 95 - 133

Part five
Pages 134 - 174
 and Supplemental Information

Some coments:  While this document has been dated 1962, it should be noted that there are many pages in the document that have dates later than 1962.  It appears that it was updated from time to time with some footnotes added as late as 1995.  Also the document contains words or expressions that are not considered politically correct at this time.  However, no changes have been made to the original document. It is presented here exactly as it was compiled by the descendants of Joe and Della Burkett.

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