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Burkett Reunion 2005 - Huntsville, Alabama


The "Coveted Burkett Reunion 2005 Basket" hand made and donated by Kat and Verdi Andrews

Notes from Reunion 2005 by Jo Anna & Buddy Burkett

    A wonderful time was had by 46 Burkett family members at the Meridianville Middle School on June 11th.  The "Coveted Burkett Reunion 2005 Basket", made by Kat and Verdi Andrews, was won by Mildred Banks and Mildred graciously gave it to Joe Burkett - our visitor from Texas. A picture of "the basket" was posted on the Burkett Reunion 2005 - Huntsville, Alabama.  Below are some pictures from the reunion for your viewing pleasure.  We enjoyed having you, Joe, and hope that you will return soon.  Some are already planning to go to the Texas reunion in September.

    To those who were unable to attend this years reunion - we missed you and hope that illness did not prevent you from doing so.

    Marvin Oliver Webb announced that plans are moving forward for the Burkett Family to enter into an agreement with Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee for the University Library to be the recipient and custodian for Burkett Family records and information, including photographs, legal documents (such as Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates, deed copies, and other important records of interest), etc. that the Burkett Family Members have accumulated to date, including the great newsletters that Marvin Oliver Webb, our family historian, has published! Vanderbilt's responsibility will be to maintain the records and information into "perpetuity" for use in further Burkett Family research and other associated activities.  Access will be limited by the agreement to bona fide researchers, including among others, Local, State, and National Historical Societies, Historical Commissions, and other responsible parties.

    Further work is being carried out by Joe Burkett III to investigate the establishment of a Burkett Family Trust or Foundation to oversee Vanderbilt University Library responsibility and establish, maintain, and administer a scholarship fund  for use and benefit of the direct descendants of Henry Burkett Sr. & Mary "Polly" Epley Burkett. Scholarships would be awarded on scholastic merit basis.. A board of trustees, comprised of volunteer members who are the direct descendants of Henry Burkett Sr. & Mary "Polly" Epley Burkett, will be appointed under the terms of the trust to manage the trust for the Family's benefit. Funding for the trust will be through donations by interested parties. As this concept develops, postings will be made on the Burkett Family Web Site for consideration, family input, and comment.

Have a wonderful and safe day!

Jo Anna & Buddy

    Included below are a few photographs of the reunion participants and events. The names that are set in Bold Type are direct descendants of Henry Burkett Sr.& "Polly" Epley Burkett. Listing order is from top to bottom and left to right.

Buddy Burkett & Oliver Webb at the helm of Burkett Reunion Mission Control.

Lauren Whitney Alfano, Louise Carroll Smith, Karen Smith Alfano, Jacob Alexander Alfano, & Carl Smith

Betty Burkett Stephens, Debbie Burkett Howard, William L. "Buddy" Burkett & Brenda Burkett Elders

William L. "Buddy" Burkett, Brenda Burkett Elders, Joe Burkett III, & Debbie Burkett Howard

Bobby Carroll & Carolyn Carroll

Della Andrews Frey, Caitlin Frey, David Frey, & Travis Frey

Brad Patterson & Loretta Chisholm Patterson

Frank Roberson & Nancy Roberson

Betty Burkett Stephens & Frnak Stephens

Talmadge "Tam" Howell & Karen Majors Howell

Jennifer Burkett, Earl Burkett, Jerry Waldrup, Buddy Burkett, Martha Burkett Waldrup & Jo Anna Burkett, William Burkett, Jeri Waldrup & Alicia Burkett

Jerry Waldrup, Martha Burkett Waldrup, Jerri Ann Waldrup, & Alicia Sydney Waldrup

Carl Smith & Mildred Banks

Mildred Banks, Paige Banks & Basil Banks

Courtney Askins, David Askins, Christiana Askins, Tina Askins, Brenda Burkett Elders, & William "Buddy" Elders

The most popular "Event" at the annual Burkett Huntsville Alabama Reunion is the food line! Not surprising...the fare was simply wonderful.

Mildred Banks presents Joe Burkett III with the "Reunion Basket" that she won. This basket has long been considered the Holy Grail of the Reunion.

Basil Banks, Mildred Banks, & Joe Burkett III

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