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"By and For the Descendants of Henry Burkett & Mary 'Polly' Epley Burkett"

This is the number of direct descendants* and spouses
 that have been identified as of April 29, 2018.

Direct Descendants* 11,588 60%


7,842 40%




* Including adopted children
** Former & Current

It can quite time consuming to update the descendants pages each and every time a new individual is identified.  That being said, spouses and additional children within an existing family can often be added without much difficulty and will normally be added within a week to ten days (often sooner) after the information becomes available.  However, adding new direct descendants of a later generations may require a rebuild of the entire descendant family listing and the editing that must be done to that particular list and related lists.  Each descendant family group will be rebuilt or updated from time to time as deemed necessary.

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