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Callen, Margie - Corbiere, William

Persons listed alphabetically in order of birth surname. 
Married names in brackets.
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CALLEN, Margie Geraldine [Stewart]

CAMP, Augustus

CAMP, Jon Gus

CAMP, Mary Blaine  [Gaar]

CAMP, Strip Hill

CAMP, Tezalee [Crump]

CAMPBELL, Blanche [Tissaw]

CAMPBELL, Caroline Grace

CAMPBELL, Ersel Arthur

CAMPBELL, Evan Riley

CAMPBELL, James Arthur

CANADY, Barbara Jean [Martin]

CANADY, James Albert

CANADY, Jimmy Don

CANTRELL, Dorothy Jean [Underhill]

CANTRELL, Loretta Frances [Wood]

CARAWAY, Mary Francis [Crowe]

CARDIN, Anna Lee [Huckaby]

CARLIN, George Joseph

CARLSON, Carrie Gertrude [McCall]

CARROLL, Albert Franklin, Jr.

CARROLL, Margaret Gerette [Carter]

CARROLL, Quincy Everett

CARROTHERS, Valma Mae [Burkette]

CARSKADON, Leatha Jane

CARSON, Betty Jean [Wade]

CARSON, Charles Aubrey

CARSON, J. C. Virgil

CARSON, Jack Dempsey

CARSON, James Ethridge

CARSON, Joel Reynolds

CARSON, William Reid

CARTER, Earl Ray

CARTER, Fred Wilkerson, Jr.

CASPER, John Andrew

CASWELL, Loneta Mary [Young]

CASWELL, William Frank

CATRON, James Walter

CAUGHLIN, Della Bell [Porter]

CAVALLIN. Cheri Renee [Handley]

CHAMBERS, Henry Fredrick

CHAMBERS, Willis Harrison Grigsby

CHAMNESS, Karen LaRae [Stone]

CHAMNESS, Leroy Glenn

CHANCE, Dolores Geraldine [Means]

CHANCE, Patricia Louise [Stephen]

CHAPMAN, Frances Lillie [Lammert]

CHASE, Irene Florence [Burt]

CHEATHAM, Shirley Ann [Phillips]

CHISHOLM, Barbara Ann [McRae]

CHISHOLM, Gaskill Hazel

CHISHOLM, Herman Hazel

CHISHOLM, Loretta Maurine [Patterson]

CHRISTENSEN, Ruth [Tissaw]

CHRISTIAN, Bruce Stone, Jr.


CHRONIC, Clarence William

CLARK, Alfred Losee

CLARK, Alvin James

CLARK, Flay Albert

CLARK, Frances Anne [Clevenger]

CLARK, Fred W.

CLARK, Ida Sula [Box]

CLARK, Jack Chandler

CLARK, John Losee

CLARK, LaVern Ray [Brady]

CLARK, Lloyd Isaiah

CLARK, Mary Alta [Hamilton]

CLARK, Robert Jack

CLARK, William Albert

CLARK, William B.

CLARK, William Lloyd

CLAYTON, Tom Henry, Jr.


CLELAND, Aaron Lyle

CLELAND, Ross Aaron

CLEM, Doyne Carroll

CLEM, Georgia Kathlyn [Crawford]

CLENDENON, Betty June [Watson]

CLEVENGER, Annie Marie [Perkins]

CLEVENGER, Archie James

CLEVENGER, Arrie Viola [Pearman]

CLEVENGER, Brittn Chamblee

CLEVENGER, Carl Edward

CLEVENGER, Carl Edward. Jr.

CLEVENGER, Charles Douglas

CLEVENGER, Clara Belle [Pike]

CLEVENGER. Clarence Britten

CLEVENGER, David Monroe

CLEVENGER, Ella Catherine [Nail]

CLEVENGER, Freddie Wilson


CLEVENGER, Herman D. (Mansfield)

CLEVENGER, Inez [Smith]


CLEVENGER, Lonnie Lamar

CLEVENGER, Lonnie Matthew

CLEVENGER. Lucille M. [Shelton]

CLEVENGER, Terrie Ann [Allen]

CLEVENGER, Theo Marilyn

CLOVERDALE, Myrtle E. [McClung]

COBB, Clara Bell [Brown]

COBB, Louis Buford, Jr.

COBURN, Edgar Huston

COCKRUM, Mary Louise [Miller]

COFFEY, Steven S.

COFFMAN, Loma Alma [Marcum]

COLEMAN, Kenneth Wesley

COLEMAN, Kenneth Word

COLEMAN, Roberta Ann [Morris]

COLLIER, Larry Leon

COLLIER, Shirley Ann [Oswald]

COLLIER, Wendell Leon

COLLINS, Donald Kent


COLLINSON, Janice Rae [Brown]

COLSON, Jeanna Lee [Bishop]

CONDOR, Nina Belle [Tissaw]

CONWELL, Nellie Mae [McGowan]

COOK, Laura Ann [Allen]

COOPER, Austin Wayne

COOPER, George Blackstone

COOPER, Virgil R.

COPLEN, Macey Rain


COPPINGER, Johnnie Duane

CORBIERE, Victoria Marie

CORBIERE, William Joseph

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