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The Find A Grave website contains over one hundred sixty five (165) million memorials.  Of these, over 2,500 are memorials for members of our extended Burkett Family - blood line descendants, spouses, ex-spouses, and children, natural and/or adopted.  Click on the links below to find the memorial for one of your ancestors or other relatives. 

NOTE: We have discovered that Find A Grave, in updating their site, has changed many of the links to their memorials. We will revise the links in this section as we identify them.  If you should find a broken link please let the website manager know and the link will be revised.  (11/14/17)

Persons are listed alphabetically in order of birth surname.  Married names appear in brackets.  Names shown in italics did at one time have Find A Grave memorials but the links and/or memorials appear to have been broken or removed.   If the individual was married more than once, the name shown in brackets is the one shown on the Find A Grave memorial.

(______), Bonnie -
Black, Wendell

Cordray, Elsie -
Edmondson, Merle

King, Jessie -
Marcum, Dorothy

Purser, Mary -
Schrimpshire, Major

Blackard, Glenn -
Brown, Ruby
Edwards, William -
Goodin, Carl
Marcum, Ronnie -
Mechaw, Phillip
Schuessler, Holtzer -
Stone, Wayne
Brown, Thomas -
Burkett, Jake
Goodner, John -
Harvey , Malloy
Mechaw, Ruby -
Nations, June
Storhoff, Anna -
Trollinder, Lola

Burkett, James  -
Callahan, Rick

Hasselbring, Leonard -
Huggins, Dee

Neill, Vivian -
Perrone, Emma

Trueblood, Dorothy -
Whitmore, C. J.

Callen, Margie -
Corbiere, William

Huggins, Delilah -
Killen, William

Perryman, Barbara  -
Purser, Larry

Whittaker, Patricia -
Zellner, Kirk

A few words about Find A Grave Memorials:

These memorials were created by many, many individuals -- relatives and non-relatives alike.  Most memorials contain photos of gravestones and the name of the cemetery in which the individual is buried.  Some memorials may simply show the name of the individual and nothing more while others may contain photos and/or obituaries of the individuals and/or links to memorials for other related individuals.  Many of these memorials contain a great deal of information.
(Memorials last updated 4/28/18)

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