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Perryman, Barbara - Purser, Larry

Persons listed alphabetically in order of birth surname. 
Married names in brackets.
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PERRYMAN, (Unnamed)

PERRYMAN, Barbara Jane [Keller]

PERRYMAN, Camden Calmore

PERRYMAN, Carmen V. [Mullen]

PERRYMAN, Charles Edward

PERRYMAN, Charles Morehead

PERRYMAN, Charles Otis

PERRYMAN, Charlotte [Warren]

PERRYMAN, Christine [Dame]

PERRYMAN, Claude Bruce

PERRYMAN, Clifton White

PERRYMAN, Clifton White, Jr.

PERRYMAN, Curby Ubert

PERRYMAN, Eileen Louise [Suggs]

PERRYMAN, Elizabeth May

PERRYMAN, Elsie Ray [Brown]

PERRYMAN, Esther [Beers]

PERRYMAN, Fannie Speed

PERRYMAN, George Earl

PERRYMAN, George Ira, Jr.

PERRYMAN, George Washington

PERRYMAN, Goldie Mae [Bundesman]

PERRYMAN, Herbert Allen

PERRYMAN, Herbert Osmond

PERRYMAN, James Edward

PERRYMAN, James Lafayette

PERRYMAN, Jill Stark

PERRYMAN, Joan Wynne

PERRYMAN, John Burress

PERRYMAN, John Riffle

PERRYMAN, John Riffle, Jr.

PERRYMAN, Joseph Charles

PERRYMAN, Julian Glenn

PERRYMAN, Laurie Ann

PERRYMAN, Mabel Clare [May]  

PERRYMAN, Margie A. [Butts]

PERRYMAN, Marion Boyce

PERRYMAN, Martha Leroy [Bruce]

PERRYMAN, Mary Ann [Martin]

PERRYMAN, Mary E. [Pfister]

PERRYMAN, Norma Jean [Black]

PERRYMAN, Paul Carniege

PERRYMAN, Pauline Dorothy [Lucas]

PERRYMAN, Pearl Vincent [Carskadon]

PERRYMAN, Rilla Elaine [Anderson]
PERRYMAN, Robert Bruce

PERRYMAN, Robert Cowan

PERRYMAN, Robert Edward, Jr.

PERRYMAN, Robert Henry

PERRYMAN, Robert Thomas

PERRYMAN, Rosetta Evelyn [Chow]


PERRYMAN, Roy Lee, Jr.

PERRYMAN, Roy Lee, Jr.


PERRYMAN, Sarah Jane [Cook]

PERRYMAN, Thomas Jefferson

PERRYMAN, Una Jane [Holland]

PERRYMAN, William Jordan


PETERS, Maurice H.

PETERSON, Dawna Lee [Kerr]



PETTIGREW, Opal William

PETTY, Donald Ray

PETTY, Maude Estelle [Burkett]


PHILLIPS, Ada Virginia [Geer]

PHILLIPS, Charles Wheeler

PHILLIPS, Emma Azeline [Carter]

PHILLIPS, Evelyn Ruth [Samelson]

PHILLIPS, Mary E. [Huggins]

PHILLIPS, Myree A. [Casper]

PIERCE, Garland Ray

PIERCE, Georgia Kathleen [Corbin]

PIERCE, James Sterling

PIERCE, James Sterling, Jr.

PIERCE, Katha Jane [Guinn]

PIERCE, Marvin Jonas

PIKE, Orlis Van

PINNER, Perry Edward

PINSON, Belinda Joyce

PINSON, Emmett Joseph

PINSON. Emmett Joseph, Jr.

PINSON, Phyllis Rene

PIPER, Donald Thomas

PITT, James Ralph

PITTS, Paul Wendell

PLACKO, Carol Ann [Sullivan]

PLAUGHER, Mary Virginia [Binford]

PLYLER, Sam Bodie


POLOS, George

PORTER, Ada B. [Helton]

PORTER, Carl Madison

PORTER, Elby Dewey

PORTER, Elizabeth [Clevenger]

PORTER, Eula Katherine [Bryson]

PORTER, Jennie Bell [Jones]

PORTER, Mary Beatrice [Clark]

PORTER. Milton Beverly

PORTER, Morris L.

PORTER. Robert Lee

PORTER, Willie Hall [Clevenger]

POSEY, Faith Noel

POSEY, Howard Allen

POWELL, William Frank

PRESCOTT, James Elmer

PRESLEY, Samuel Paul

PRICE, Barbara Delores [Neal]

PRICE, Kanzada [Ragon]

PRICE, Ruth Gene [Guthrie]

PRINCE, Judith Ann [Wood]

PROCK, Billie Gene

PROPST, Johnnie William

PRUITT, Charles David

PRUITT, Hurley Benton

PUCKETT, Joseph Estel

PULLEY, Katherine Benton [Burkett]

PULLIG, Fannye Newell [Burkett]

PULLINS, Peggy Lee [Jones]

PURCELL, Wanda Lee [Martin]

PURSER, Albert Henry

PURSER, Billy Joe

PURSER, Dorothy May

PURSER, Henry Albert

PURSER, Kenneth Lanor

PURSER, Larry Wayne

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