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Whittaker, Patricia - Zellner, Kirk

Persons listed alphabetically in order of birth surname. 
Married names in brackets.
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WHITTAKER, Patricia Eileen

WICKHAM, Betty Arnold [Averitt]

WIESE, Susie Ellen [Box]

WILCOX, Mabel Elizabeth [Butts]

WILEY, Dorothy C. [Marcum]

WILKES, Minnie Lee [Morrow]

WILKES, Wanise Frances [Burkett]

WILKINS, Sylvia Claire [Young]

WILLIAMS, Calvin Claude

WILLIAMS, Claud Hulan

WILLIAMS, Daniel Joe

WILLIAMS, Ella Irene [May]

WILLIAMS, Herbert Ray

WILLIAMS, Hulane Iona [Long]

WILLIAMS, Joan Louise [Morrison]

WILLIAMS. June Wallace

WILLIAMS, Rachel Patricia [Hodgkins]

WILLIAMS, Rodney George

WILLINGHAM, Clara Gladys [Taylor]

WILSON, Alfred Euzell

WILSON, Harvey Daniel

WILSON, Herbert Wilbur

WILSON, Homer Lee

WILSON, Jessie Elizabeth [Huckaby]

WILSON, Johnny Lee

WILSON, Leaha Marie

WILSON, Nell Jean [Peters]

WILSON, Ralph Dwight

WILSON, Stella Mae

WILSON, Sylvia [Brown]


WOLEVER, Harold Reed

WOLEVER, Harold Reed, Jr.

    Also see the following

WOLEVER, Harold Reed, Jr.

WOLFFARTH, Mamie L. [Jackson]

WOMACK, Floyd Bryan

WOMACK, Jeffrey Floyd

WOMACK, Jeffery Tyson

WOMACK, John Harold

WOMACK, Joseph Floyd

WOOD, Carl Douglas

WOOD, Chattom Allen

WOOD, Chattom Alonza

WOOD, Claude Flavil

WOOD, Curtis Leroy

WOOD, Grady Houston

WOOD, Grady Houston, Jr.

WOOD, Jacob E.

WOOD, James Lafayette

WOOD, James Luther

WOOD, John Edwin

WOOD, John Jacob

WOOD, Marion Allen

WOOD, Marjorie Ailene [Cleland]

WOOD, Martha June [Slatton]

WOOD, Michael Allen

WOOD, Neal Edwin, Jr.

WOOD, Paul Willard

WOOD, Raymond

WOOD, Steven Douglas

WOODFIN, Katy B. [Sullivan]

WOODS, Glenn Robert Lee

WOODS, John C.

WOOLMAN, George Phillip, Sr.

WORD, Ila Mae [Swinney]

WRATHER, Lou Ellen [Hackney]

WRAY, Lloyd Lee

WRIGHT, Bessie Eileen [Burkett]

WRIGHT, Dudley Thomas

WYMORE, Velna Louise [Wells]

WYROSDICK, Sandra Irene [Minear]




YARBROUGH, Dorothy Geneva [Blackard]

YARBROUGH, Dorothy Jean

YARBROUGH, Franklin Eugene

YARBROUGH, Horace Eugene

YARBROUGH, Patsy Jo [Schrimpshire]

YATES, Elza James

YAZZO, Nicholas M.

YEAKEY, Francis Earl

YEAKEY, Helen Louise

YEAKEY, Priscilla Ann [Horton]

YORK, Wallace Duane

YOSCO, Charles Sebastian, Jr.

YOUNG, Alma Leora [Parker]

YOUNG. Beverly Louise [Carroll]

YOUNG, Captolia [Miller]

YOUNG, Charley Gilbert

YOUNG, Daphne Diane [Fox]

YOUNG, Elva Lee [Morgan]

YOUNG, Esta Faye [LaBarr]

YOUNG, Esther Versie [Caswell]

YOUNG, Frederick Leroy, Jr.

YOUNG, Henry Thurston

YOUNG, Ida Caroline [Mize]

YOUNG, Imon Lafayette

YOUNG, Ira Joseph

YOUNG, Ira Wayne

YOUNG, Irene Joice

YOUNG, James Earl

YOUNG, James Floyd

YOUNG, James Robert

YOUNG, Joseph Tarrant, Jr.

YOUNG, Kenneth Maynard

YOUNG, Lauren Annetta

YOUNG, Leamon Evert

YOUNG, Lena Dessie [Harrison]

YOUNG, Lizabeth Odell [Hodges]

YOUNG, Mansel Allen

YOUNG, Martha Sue

YOUNG, Mary Frances [Smith]

YOUNG, Oma Alzadie [Manning]

YOUNG, Opal Ivey [Swaner]

YOUNG, Phyllis Mae [Hutcheson]

YOUNG, Rex Raymond

YOUNG, Richard Kyle

YOUNG, Robert Imon

YOUNG, Robert Lee

YOUNG, Savannah Belle [Perkins]

YOUNG, Thomas Charleston

YOUNG, Thomas Jacqueline [Gagnon]

YOUNG, Una Vida [Swagerty]

YOUNG, Venata Tipton [Holman]

YOUNG, William Alexander

YOUNG, William Glenn

YOUNG, William Henry

YOUNG, William Medford

YOUNG, William Thomas

YOUNG, Zennie Orena Mae [Gaines]



ZELLNER, Kirk Theodore

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