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3rd Generation Marriage Records


Copies of historic documents concerning third generation individuals can be found in this folder.   At the moment we do not have as many as we would like but we will be adding document as copies can be located.   If you should have any documents that we do not have listed, please send us copies so we can add them to our site.

Third Generation

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Marriage Records

Frances Josephine Burkett & John Edwin McCall  Marriage Certificate
Isaac Evans Burkett
& Mary Belle Parker  Marriage Record
James Edward Burkett
& Angelina Brown  Marriage Record
Jobe Burkett
& Nancy Richards  Marriage Record
Margaret Burkett
& Solomon Porter  Marriage Record
Mary Burkett
& Robert Lee Patterson  Marriage Record
Micager C. Burkett
& Susan Jennie Ford  Marriage Record
Nancy Ann Burkett
& Isaac Newton Huggins 
Marriage Record

John F. Marcum & Lucinda Timms  Marriage Record
James B. Marcum
& Elvira Martin  Marriage Record
Nancy Marcum
& T. J. Williams  Marriage Record
Victoria T. Marcum
& T. J. Williams  Marriage Record
Virginia Bell Marcum
& Joseph Monroe Hackney  Marriage Record

James Lafayette Perryman & Nancy E. Starke  Marriage Record
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