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                Jan, 2018 

Burkett Family Cousins

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First, a big THANK YOU to each and all of you that contributed information to the site since our last update.   This is a big help and is much appreciated.  It can be somewhat discouraging to find that some of you have commented on obituaries or on Find a Grave Memorials and failed to let us know that the individual has passed.  Please keep this site in mind so we can share the news.


We have now identified over 19,000 descendants and spouses, about 1,800 more than reported in June 2016.    

No New Feature Added This Year

No new features were added since our last message in June 2016,  Time was spent updating the site.  The biggest update was to the "Obituaries & Search Obituary Archives" pages.  We now have nearly 1,000 more (about three times more) obituaries listed than we did in 2016.

Additional Information:  

Much of last year was spent collecting additional information on the family.  Sources were found that allowed us determine and add thousands of bits of information to our site.  This information included spouses surnames, spouses parent's names including spouses mother's maiden name.  The names of towns where individuals were born were found along with much, much more.

 + Family Group Records

Each and every single family group record has was rebuilt as of May 2017.  Many, many additions have been added to these records and most are overdue to be rebuilt once again, specifically the descendants of John Burkett and Paulina Markum.  A visit to the Surname List for this family will show the surnames
(in red italic font) that have been added since May 2017.

Other updates

Nearly every other page on the web site continues to  be updated with some new information.  You will need to check out these pages to see what the additions have been.  The Links index shows the latest dates each section has been modified or revised.  You are also highly encouraged to visit the Family News page regularly as it is modified often and may contain information of particular interest.  

Family Reunions:  

We have no information about any upcoming family reunions at this time.  If those in charge of the family reunions would let us know your schedules for this year we will make sure the information is sent out to all on our lists.

We can always use your help.  Your eyes and ears can help us keep our site up to date.   Please, if you are aware of any significant event regarding other family members, let us know.

Please share information about our site with your  Burkett descendant relatives (children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and etc.).  They may want to visit the site and help keep the site up to date.

Bill Huckaby, Manager 
Burkett Family Web Site 
(New 1/11/18)

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