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Subject:     Check out The Burkett Family Web Site Update
Date:         9/3/2013

Burkett Family Cousins

An update has just been completed on the "New" Burkett Family Web Site.  We started with a little over 10,100 descendants and spouses in July and now have identified over 11,200 and now approaching 11,300 individuals.  This necessitated the current update in which every family group was updated to reflect information developed since that initial launch.  Military Service, In Memoriam and other pages have also been updated.  A new page titled "By the Numbers" might prove interesting.

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 Even though every family group was updated in August, we have received much more information that has been manually added to some of the families' listings.  More is expected in the near future.

Pass Code protection has been added to all of the contact forms to reduce a great quantity of some really irritating "SPAM".  Before the pass codes were added, the site was being inundated by nearly 200 spam messages each day.  Since the codes were added, no such messages have been received.  Visits to the site by computers located in China, Turkey and eastern European countries have been reduced significantly. 

 Please check your families' listings to make sure they are correct.  Tell us about new births, marriages and other accomplishments.  If you can help fill in some of the blanks it would be greatly appreciated. 

 Please tell your Burkett descendant relatives (chiildren, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and etc.) about our site.  They may want to help keep the site up to date.

Bill Huckaby, Manager
Burkett Family Web Site
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