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December 13, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to each and every one of you.

Burkett Family Cousins

This is to inform you about the latest updates to the Burkett Family Web Site.  We have now identified nearly 12,200 descendants and spouses, about 1,000 more than that reported in early September, three months ago.

Henry Burkett, Sr. & Henry Isaac Burkett, Jr. 

The suffixes Sr. and Jr. have been removed from the web site  This was done to solve a problem that has been created by others.  They had incorrectly presumed that if Henry Isaac was a Jr, then Henry, Sr. had to have been named Henry Isaac also.  This is simply not the case.  We are unaware that any record shows our Henry Burkett to have any middle name.   The suffixes were added to early Burkett Family Newsletters and the early version of the web site in an attempt to clearly define that these were two separate people only and it was made clear that there was not a Jr.-Sr. relationship here.    

Family Group Updates

Eight of the eleven family groups have been updated or rebuilt since September and ten of the eleven family groups have had manual updates added to bring the information current.

New Pages Added

Several new pages have been added. Clicking on the links below will take you to these pages on the web site.  They include the following:

Who We Are
This is a discussion page were from time to time, information will be added in attempt to define our Burkett family.  There will be demographics about the family, including occupations, countries or states of origins or residence. 

Who Am I?
This page was added to see if we could get people inforlved in guessing the identity of people from old photos.  So far no one has made any kind of guess so we may end up removing this page in the near future. 

Family Photo Albums
This is an ongoing project.  Photos of our ancestors and some current members will be placed here as time allows.  We have some photos now and other have been located.  We will try to obtain permission to post these when we find them on other web sites and credit will be given to those who send photos to the site to be posted.  If you have some photos you would like added to the albums, please send them to us

This page was added after we received a question about which Burkett family member once owned a dairy in the Williams Ranch area near Mullin, Tx.  It turned out that this particular dairy was once owned by Edgar Burkett.  His granddaughter, Sharon Burkett Fleming has been in contact with the person who asked the question.  

This is the most recent addition.  On this page is a series of questions and answers about our web site.  These are intended to clarify questions a visitor may have about the site  

Pass Code Protection
Pass Code protection has continued to serve the purpose intended.  Since the passcodes were required in late July, no SPAM messages of any kind have been received.

Burkett Family Histories

Two additions have been added to this section of the web site.  One is a more complete Burkett-Pyeatt Family History that was contributed by Mark Burkett Wilson and the other was Burkett History prepared by Lester Burkett and contribued by Frank and Elaine Zellner.

Other updates

Nearly every other page on the web site has been updated with some new information as well.  You will need to check out these pages to see what the additions have been.

Family Reunions

At the moment we have no information on any reunions scheduled for 2014.  If you are planning one.or are aware of one that serves members of our extended Burkett Family, please let us know.  Even if is in the planning stages or if it has already been planned and scheduled, please let us know.  We will help you advertise it.  We also hope you will give us a small report with photos after the event. 

Please check your families' listings to make sure they are correct.  Tell us about new births, marriages and other accomplishments.  If you can help fill in some of the blanks it would be greatly appreciated

Please tell your Burkett descendant relatives (children, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and etc.) about our site.  They may want to help keep the site up to date.

Bill Huckaby, Manager
Burkett Family Web Site
(New 12/12/14)

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